Frequently Asked Questions

Are nonprofits allowed?
Unfortunately, we can’t accept nonprofit businesses. Our program wouldn’t be beneficial to that type of business. We do not cover specific nuances like grant and fundraising events.

Do I have to live in Wake Forest?
Your residence or business must tie into the town of Wake Forest. For example, do you serve Wake Forest or provide products to its residents? If so, you can participate in our program.

How much will this cost me?
Due to the generosity of our Sponsors, this program is free. This course otherwise would cost ~$5,000 plus expenses. When you’re accepted into our program, you become a Wake Tech student. Wake Tech provides each applicant with a scholarship.

Is there dinner provided?
Yes, dinner will be provided from 5:15 pm to 6 pm. During which, an outside speaker will present on a relevant topic. Class begins immediately afterward from 6 pm to 9 pm.

Can I miss any classes?
No, students cannot miss any classes. Participants are issued a scholarship from Wake Tech and all students are required to attend all weekly classes. Due to the limited number of spots, it wouldn’t be fair to other candidates who are available for all classes. Please check your calendar before committing.

Class Dates:

2/16/2021   6:00PM - 8:00PM   Class Meet & Greet w/hors d’oeuvres
2/23/2021   5:15PM - 8:00PM   Orientation- Set expectations
3/2/2021   5:15PM - 9:00PM   The Entrepreneurial Lifestyle
3/9/2021   5:15PM - 9:00PM   IDEA to Business
3/16/2021   5:15PM - 9:00PM   Market Research
3/23/2021   5:15PM - 9:00PM   Business Model Design
3/30/2021   5:15PM - 9:00PM   Pricing Strategy, Legal Strategy, and Business Exits
4/6/2021   5:15PM - 9:00PM   Reaching the Market, Complying with Laws, Regulations, and Contracts.
4/13/2021   5:15PM - 9:00PM   Building the Org and Team
4/20/2021   5:15PM - 9:00PM   Cash Needs and Profitability (Profit & Loss with Balance Sheet)
4/27/2021   5:15PM - 9:00PM   Leading the Organization, and Culture
5/4/2021   5:15PM - 9:00PM   Measuring & Analyzing Financial Results, and Process Optimization
5/11/2021   5:15PM - 9:00PM   Working with Banks, Kiva Loans
5/18/2021   5:15PM - 9:00PM   Accelerate/Pitch Night
5/25/2021   5:15PM - 7:30PM   Graduation

Is there a diploma or graduation?

Yes, there are both. A ceremony is held at the end of the program and will include a press release and special guests like local officials and Sponsors. Both paper and digital diplomas will be issued. The digital diploma may be added to your website and LinkedIn profile.

What is the time commitment?
We ask that you set aside 8 hours a week for LaunchWakeForest. This includes time for homework outside of class, the weekly classes themselves, assignments, and reading. This is both an in-person and online course.

What supplies are required?
Students must have access to the internet and a computer. You will watch videos online and participate in online lessons. You must also have an email address and Facebook account. We will use Facebook to upload assignments and discussion in a closed group.

Does the class generate a business plan?
Yes, at the end of the program you’ll have a drafted business plan. Please note that additional work will be required to finalize your plan. You can work with your mentor for help, as well as your classmates.